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Selenite, a powerful cleansing and charging crystal, is your go-to tool for purifying objects, your aura, and even other crystals. This versatile stone can cleanse everything from jewelry to tools, simply by placing the item on a Selenite plate or bowl overnight. Imagine waking up to not just a new day, but also to freshly cleansed and recharged items, ready to serve you with renewed energy. But the question remains the same, “how to cleanse Selenite crystal?”

There’s a critical caveat when it comes to selenite: never cleanse it with water. Selenite will dissolve if it comes in contact with liquids. Even though it might withstand a quick rinse, you should avoid soaking your selenite in water for extended periods. It’s one cleansing method you should definitely steer clear of.

But don’t worry. There are other effective ways to cleanse your selenite, like using Himalayan or sea salt. And if you’re looking to cleanse multiple crystals at once, selenite wands are your best bet. Just hold the wand above each crystal, move it in a counterclockwise motion, and let the cleansing energy field do its work. So, let’s dive into the world of selenite and discover how to cleanse and recharge this powerful crystal.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite, named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, is a crystallized form of the mineral gypsum. This beautiful crystal is known for its transparent, glass-like clarity and stunning pearliness. Selenite displays an array of earthy shades, from clear transparency to a bewitching milky pearlescence. It comes in different structures – it might be in the form of polished wands, fractured sticks, petal-like formations, or even towering geometric pillars.

Selenite Properties And Benefits

Selenite’s unique properties make it a versatile tool for energetic cleansing and charging. Yes, you can use Selenite to clean other items, including jewelry or other crystals. So, here’s your first lesson on how to cleanse crystals with selenite: place the objects on a selenite plate or bowl and leave them overnight. By morning, your precious items have been energetically cleansed.

Yet, selenite is more than a spiritual dish soap; it’s a powerful tool for working with your aura. Learning how to use selenite for aura cleansing can bring some real benefits. Hold a selenite wand above your head, move it counterclockwise and envision the selenite absorbing all your negative energy.

On top of this, Selenite has a knack for boosting its companion crystals. By doing so, it enhances their healing properties and grows their potency. And when it comes to recharging crystals with selenite, just like cleansing, you lay them on the selenite plate overnight for an energy reset.

Selenite has a brilliant range of properties and benefits:

  • Amplification: Selenite’s ability to amplify the energy of other crystals is renowned.
  • Cleansing & Clearing: It’s a powerful tool for banishing negative or stagnant energies from the body, mind, and environment.
  • Calming & Soothing: Whether you’re stressed or anxious, Selenite promotes relaxation and invites a sense of tranquility into your space. While Selenite’s outward appearance may seem dull, don’t let it fool you, it’s a high-vibration crystal always hustling to keep itself clean. So, you can confidently add it to your kit; knowing how to clean selenite isn’t a concern – it self-cleanses.

selenite crystal with other crystals

Do I Need To Clean Selenite?

The question has often been raised, do I need to clean Selenite? Short answer- yes, BUT it’s important to understand that cleaning Selenite isn’t akin to how you’d clean other items.

Part of understanding how to use Selenite stems from the awareness that it boasts self-cleansing properties. This unique feature doesn’t imply it’ll never need a bit of TLC from your side, though. Surprisingly, this self-cleansing behavior arguably makes it more important to cleanse your Selenite regularly. Why? Well, just like any other space or object, your Selenite can benefit from an occasional energetic cleanse.

Maximize your Selenite’s Potential

Here’s how you can maximize the potential of your Selenite and ensure it’s always in its prime:

  • Engage in smudging: Pass your Selenite through the smoke of a smudging stick or bundle.
  • Sound therapy: Cleanse your Selenite using sound from a Tibetan singing bowl or bell.
  • Morning sunlight: Selenite thrives with a bit of sunlight. Try leaving it in the morning sunlight for up to 30 minutes.

It’s also important to know what not to do. You could potentially damage your Selenite if you try to clean it with water, salt, or salted water.

Consider the Selenite Type

If you’re considering how to clean Selenite, you’d also do well to remember your selenite’s type matters. Certain variants can withstand water, so it’s safe to blanket your Selenite with running water or submerge it in a bowl for a bit. However, ensure the variant you have can handle water before you proceed with this.

Thus, knowing how to cleanse crystals with Selenite becomes an essential aspect of exploiting the extensive Selenite crystal benefits. Prioritize keeping these pointers to the fore while you navigate the wondrous journey using this self-cleansing crystal.

How Often Should I Cleanse Selenite?

Typically, Selenite is a self-cleansing gem. It’s not necessary to cleanse it as frequently as other crystals. Nevertheless, if your selenite seems a bit off, putting it under moonlight overnight works wonders. This technique is efficient, particularly when you’re dealing with a substantial number of gemstones.

Guidelines suggest performing a cleanse for your crystal once a month. But remember, it’s your Selenite. If you feel it requires more frequent cleansing, don’t hesitate.

  1. Cleansing through moonlight: Leave your selenite under the moonlight overnight.
  2. Cleansing a group of crystals: If you’ve got a handful of gemstones, place them on a selenite plate. Leave the setup undisturbed for 24 hours.
  3. Charging process: To recharge your crystals using selenite, only a few minutes are needed. For multiple gemstones or prior to meditation, allow more time.

This magical mineral is found in various countries like Mexico, Morocco, and the United States. Besides its decorative appeal, the popular mineral paves its way to the construction industry as a fertilizer additive for cement production.

These are just basic answers to ‘how to clean selenite’ and ‘how to recharge crystals.’ The nuances of the process can further help you optimize the Selenite crystal benefits, which include its unique cleansing ability and its immense potential to drive peace, clarity, and spiritual growth. The secret, though, is all about balance. Over-cleansing can potentially damage the selenite.

meditating with selenite wand

How To Cleanse Selenite Crystals?

Understanding how to cleanse Selenite crystals can greatly enhance your use of this special gemstone. Let’s dive into the various methods you can employ to cleanse your selenite.

1. Sunlight Cleansing

Using nothing but the potent energy of sunlight, you can easily cleanse and charge your Selenite pieces. Simply leave your crystals near a window, exposing them to natural light from dawn until dusk. You’ll find this method is especially effective if carried out on a full moon day. Please note that sunlight cleansing should be kept within 30 minutes to prevent any potential color fading.

2. Submerging It In Brown Rice

This method involves using brown rice, which is well-known for its ability to dispel negative energies. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Fill a bowl with brown rice.
  • Ensure your Selenite crystal is completely buried in the rice.
  • Cover the bowl and leave your crystal in the bowl for approximately 24 hours.
  • Afterward, use a soft cloth to clean any rice particles off your Selenite.

Always remember to discard the rice after use, as it absorbs the unfavorable energies from the crystal.

3. Sound Cleansing

An invigorating method of how to cleanse crystals with Selenite utilizes the power of sound waves. The vibrations created from sound can effectively cleanse your crystal. Using a singing bowl or a bell, create sound waves around the Selenite. As the crystal absorbs the vibrations, it releases stored negative energy.

4. Visualization

A unique, yet powerful way to cleanse your Selenite. Visualize a white light surrounding your crystal, extracting any negative energy from it. By focusing your mind’s energy, you can reinstate your Selenite’s natural vibrancy.

5. Moonlight Cleansing

Often considered the most gentle method, moonlight provides a delicate avenue to cleanse your Selenite. By positioning your crystal on natural material overnight, you expose it to the moon’s restorative energy without causing harm. The optimal time to carry out moonlight cleansing is during a full moon – even if it’s overcast, the energy will pass through the clouds to the crystal.

6. Smoke Cleansing

If you’re wondering how to clean selenite, smoke cleansing is a method you could consider. Use herbs like sage or Palo Santo to create smoke and pass your selenite through the smoke several times. This process will cleanse and recharge your selenite crystal.

7. Breath

Don’t underestimate the power of your breath. Infuse your exhales with intention and purpose and then gently blow onto your Selenite to cleanse and recharge it. It’s not just about the action, but also the selenite crystal benefits you envision your crystal holding.

Remember that selenite is a self-cleansing stone, so it doesn’t require frequent cleansing like other crystals. Trust your intuition when it comes to selecting the right method, and your selenite crystal will continue to reward you with its high vibrations and many benefits.

Can Selenite Cleanse Other Crystals?

Many folks ask, “how to cleanse crystals with selenite?” It’s simpler than you may imagine. Selenite, revered for its purifying and high-vibrational properties, can indeed cleanse other crystals. In fact, it’s one of the most potent charging crystals existing in the crystal universe. Picture a Selenite and crystal spa-day, with the cleansing powers of Selenite reinvigorating your other precious stones.

How to Use Selenite for Crystal Cleansing

Whether it’s a selenite wand, plate, or bowl, there are several methods to harness Selenite’s capacity to cleanse and recharge:

  1. Selenite Wands: Simply hold the wand above each crystal, move it in a counterclockwise motion creating a strengthening energy field around your crystals.
  2. Selenite Plates: You can place your crystals on a selenite plate overnight, allowing the powerful energies of the selenite to work their magic.
  3. Selenite Bowls: Similar to the overnight selenite plate method, cleansing crystals in a selenite bowl is just as efficient.

You don’t necessarily need full contact between the Selenite and your crystals. Even indirect exposure to its energy field does wonders, which is why even a Selenite wand works just fine.

Perhaps you’re pondering “how to clean selenite” itself? While selenite is a self-cleansing crystal and doesn’t require frequent cleansing, it doesn’t hurt to give it a little maintenance as well. To cleanse selenite, expose it to moonlight overnight. That’s right, no water involved. Reminder: selenite will dissolve in liquids, so be mindful not to soak or rinse it in water.

hand-picking out a selenite crystal

How Do I Know When I Need To Cleanse Selenite Again?

Learning how to use Selenite for cleansing other crystals is an essential part of mastering the benefits of this versatile mineral. But knowing when to clean your Selenite crystal is just as important. Here are the signals to look out for:

  1. Your selenite feels out of energy. You’ll sense this intuitively. Remember, your connection with your Selenite crystal is precious. Trust it.
  2. Increase in negative energy around you. If you notice an uptick in negativity or a dip in positivity, it’s a sign your selenite is weak and could use a cleanse.

Knowing how to cleanse crystals with selenite isn’t enough. Grasping how to clean selenite itself is crucial. Even though it’s a self-cleansing crystal, Selenite, like any object or space, can benefit from energetic cleansing.

A daily routine can be a great method to keep up with the maintenance of your selenite. Use it to your advantage. That said, do be aware of certain cleansing processes that shouldn’t be overdone. Over-exposure to water, for example, can harm your selenite.

Additionally, learn how to recharge crystals. Some people use a selenite charging bowl to maintain the vibrancy of their collection. Selenite is versatile – it can cleanse and recharge the other crystals in your collection. This ability speaks volumes to selenite crystal benefits.

Finally, don’t wait for your Selenite to give off signals. Cleanse as often as it’s used. Regular maintenance ensures your Selenite is always at its best, ready to bring peace and align energies.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned the ins and outs of cleansing Selenite. It’s not just a crystal that cleanses others – it needs a little TLC itself. When you sense a drop in energy or a rise in negativity, it’s likely your Selenite crying out for a cleanse. Remember, while it’s a self-cleansing crystal, a little extra energetic cleanse doesn’t hurt. Just be careful not to drench it in water. A Selenite charging bowl can be a great asset in keeping your Selenite vibrant. Regular upkeep ensures your Selenite is always primed to align energies and bring peace. So, don’t neglect your Selenite – it’s ready to serve you at its best when you take care of it.